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  1. Orbit from our operational catalog, including new objects, lost objects, cross-tag and conjunction warning lists.
  2. Orbital determination of satellites and space debris.
  3. Maintain the long-term viability of satellites and their orbit regimes and maneuverer alert.
  4. Maintain the space debris database.
  5. Develop the space debris population model at different orbits.
  6. Observation and ballistics service under commercial requests (orbit determination, ranging station calibration, end-of-life operations).
  1. Estimate the close approaches and collision probability between orbiting objects whether cataloged or non-cataloged.
  2. Estimate the conjunction and plan for satellites maneuver.
  3. Expand satellite operator participation.
  4. Address operational issues with current cross-industry conjunction coordination.
  5. Minimize member time and resources devoted to Collision Avoidance.
  6. Provide safety range for Launchers.

Training And Workshops

Our target is to help researchers, students, and amateurs in Africa and the Middle East to understand space traffic management, sustainability of space and the different tools for tracking and surveying space objects. In addition, the tools of space debris removal and orbital and attitude dynamics are subjects of our workshops too.