ATON-SSA specialized in tracking and surveying space objects (satellites and space debris) across all orbits LEO, MEO, GEO, and near HEO to cover the gap in situational awareness in all latitudes of Africa and the Middle East, particularly the low latitude locations across Africa, as equatorial orbits are difficult to observe from sensors away from the equator, and the new era of the space economy depends on deploying more and more constellations in LEO which raises the risk of collisions in LEO.


Providing accurate, reliable, and updated real-time data about space objects worldwide to improve space traffic management and the safety of satellites.


Developing an integrated robotic optical surveillance network in Africa and the Middle East to track and detect space objects, especially artificial satellites, and space debris depending on the latest technologies in this field.




Activities to track satellites and space debris in LEO, MEO, GEO, and near HEO with real-time astrometric and photometric observations data.



Activities to detect incoming satellites and space debris, projectiles, and all space objects within the observed range of the monitoring facilities including faint objects.



Activities to identify the mission and nationality of the detected object with the precise orbit elements through ‘detection’ and ‘tracking’.



Activities to manage the database of collected data such as name, identification number, orbit elements, mission, including new objects, lost objects, cross-tag, conjunction warning list, and archive data for astrometric and photometric measurements and images from our network, etc.